Ronnie Creager and James Craig at Camp

Cliché x adidas Lucas Puig board video

Cliché & adidas join forces to bring you this limited Lucas board. Check out Lucas' new adidas pro shoe in all good skateshops around the world this summer.


A few tricks added to a whole new song in this re-edit straight from the man himself...


We said it in Kansas City and we'll say it again: Nyjah Huston is unstoppable. He picked up his second Street League win this year in Ontario, CA while also landing the highest scoring trick of the day, a Cab flip backside lipslide on the A-Frame rail. Here's the highlights from the finals with the Nyjah ender that brought the house down.

Featuring: Nyjah Huston.
Also featuring: Sean Malto, Chaz Ortiz, David Gonzalez, Peter Ramondetta, Paul Rodriguez, and Luan Oliveira.


Nyjah Huston qualified first, and Mikey Taylor, Matt Miller, and Chris Cole all advanced to semis with him after the first day of skating in Ontario, California.

Featuring: Chris Cole, Matt Miller, Mikey Taylor, and Nyjah Huston

Adidas Skateboarding Melbourne Feature

Melbourne, Australia campaign shoot in March 2012 with Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Pete Eldridge, Benny Fairfax, Nestor Judkins, Lem Villemin, Jake Donnelly, Vince del Valle and the Australia Team

Suomi Skede - FFC - All Fillers 2011

Skateboard movie filmed in 2010, finished 2011.
Featuring: Jaakko Seppälä, Pasi Nissinen, Niila Kunnari, Hannu Nieminen and Arto Lindén (feat. Eero Ettala). FFC in association with Jokemedia 2011

adidas Skateboarding Sweden Team

The adidas Sweden Team put together a film featuring Daniel Grönwall, Jonas Sohn, Love Eneroth, Daniel Spängs, Mika Edin & Günes Özdogan

Firing Line: CJ Tambornino

CJ takes advantage of a shaded spot on a sunny day and puts together a sick line.

Solution - Haze

kesä 2009
Jeremias Delgado(Jussi Hurme)
Jussi Toropainen, Eero Tapola, Jussi Simonen, Mikko Valli, Fabio Pires
Niilo Nikkanen(Juni Scott, Roope Helin)
Sakari Niskanen, Leevi Levola
Juni Scott, Mikko Hassinen, Tero Rehula, Mats Miinalainen, Justus Hirvi, Hannes Repo, Kirmo Ekholm, Tony Pelkonen
Julius Hirvi
Tomi Maltio

Momentum - Ryan Sheckler Skateboarding - Episode 7

Twenty-two year old Ryan Sheckler reflects on his journey as a professional skateboarder. Considered one of the most dominant athletes in the sport, Sheckler recalls how past events shaped his determination to win, and how the constant support of his family serves as his inspiration to be the best. With adversity becoming a central theme in his life, watch as Ryan strives to conquer his hardships and continue to be one of the elite figures in action sports.

Skate session in a house - Schuster Skate Villa

Take one neglected house, add a bunch of top skateboarders, throw in a few tonnes of building material and what do you get? The coolest skate spot in Salzburg, created by skater Philipp Schuster and friends inside a once glamorous hunting lodge.

Transmission Spring 2012: Ben Fisher

For our Spring 2012 Transmission, we present an exclusive video part of amateur Ben Fisher. Ben has been filming with Chris Thiessen for a little over six months to make this part happen. Check it out.